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Aeration system
Aeration system
Aeration system

With the continuous development of industrialization, environmental pollution is now more serious. Water pollution management has also become crucial. Therefore, in recent years, in a sewage treatment project, an aerator has often been used.

The function of the aeration head is to spray the liquid in the air to disperse the air bubbles through the liquid, in order to obtain sufficient dissolved oxygen in the water.

Although the new aeration equipments are endless, they can still be divided into two categories: the first one is the use of submerged porous dispersing heads or air nozzles to generate air bubbles to transfer oxygen into the aqueous solution, also known as jet aeration and blower exposure. The gas system, the second type is a mechanical method to stir the sewage to promote the dissolution of oxygen in the atmosphere, called the mechanical aeration system. Microporous aeration, the layout of the aeration dispersing head and the adjustment of the aeration system are all energy-saving. An effective way. In the traditional activated sludge treatment plant aeration tank, the front end anaerobic zone is opened, and the energy-saving and biological phosphorus removal scheme mixed by the submerged agitator is used. This simple retrofit can save nearly 20% of the aeration energy consumption, and if you calculate the mixed energy, the energy saving will reach 12%. Automatic control system for sewage treatment.

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