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Distribution Cabinets
Distribution Cabinets
Distribution Cabinets

Distribution Cabinets (boxes) sub-power Distribution cabinets (boxes) and lighting distribution cabinets (boxes), metering cabinets (boxes), is the end of the distribution system equipment. Low voltage system distribution cabinet is a generic term for motor control center. Distribution cabinets are used in situations where the load is lax and the circuit is less, and the motor control center is used in the case of load concentration and more loops. They allocate the electrical energy of a circuit in a previous primary distribution device to the nearest load. This level of equipment should be maintained, supervised and manipulated for load supply.

Distribution Board (box) application of non-combustible data manufacturing, electric shock risk of small production sites and offices, can be installed open type of distribution board, in the high risk of electric shock or poor working environment of the processing workshop, casting, forging, heat treatment, boiler room, woodworking room and other places, should be installed closed cabinets ; In hazardous workplaces where conductive dust or flammable and explosive gases occur, closed or explosion-proof electrical equipment must be installed, and electrical components, instruments, switches and lines of distribution boards (boxes) should be arranged in a regular arrangement, with strong devices and easy operation.

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