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Dosing bucket
Dosing bucket
Dosing bucket

Compared with the traditional dosing box, our solid-liquid separation and ready-to-use method avoids the major shortcomings of quick failure and heavy odor caused by one-time soaking of all disinfecting tablets; water-separated seal and negative pressure in the barrel The design allows the applicator to be more leak-tight and the chlorine odor generated when the sterilizing sheet dissolves is drawn into the pool circulation duct.

After using our automatic applicator, there is no chlorine smell in the relatively closed machine room, which avoids the discomfort caused by chlorine on the human body and effectively prevents the corrosion of chlorine in the equipment room. The automatic dispenser of this pool will only dissolve the tablets at the bottom when spraying, the tablets on the top will not be affected, and the chlorine gas emitted in the bucket will also be pumped to the pool during the pumping process. It avoids the leakage of chlorine gas and corrodes the machine room, so that the staff can smell the chlorine in the whole dosing process and can easily breathe. It also takes advantage of the value of the drug and does not cause waste. This is a very humanized function.

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