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Softened water
Softened water
Softened water

In the face of increasingly polluting industrial societies, the problem of water is not only "hardness" or the amount of total dissolved solids; we know that the pollutants in the water are: organic matter, microorganisms, bacteria, chlorine and so on. There are a variety of filters on the market that can help you remove contaminants from the water, but because of the different methods of treating water, the ability to remove them is different.

The hardness of water is mainly composed of cations in between: calcium (Ca2+) and magnesium (Mg2+) ions. When the raw water containing hardness passes through the resin layer of the exchanger, the calcium and magnesium ions in the water are adsorbed by the resin, and the sodium ions are released together, so that the water flowing out of the exchanger is the softened water from which the hardness ions are removed, and when the resin adsorbs calcium, After the magnesium ion reaches a certain saturation, the hardness of the effluent increases. At this time, the water softener will automatically carry out the regeneration of the spent resin according to the predetermined procedure, and use a higher concentration of sodium chloride solution (saline) to pass the resin to make the failure. The resin is returned to the sodium type resin. The scope of application of softened water: bathroom, kitchen, laundry, heating, boiler, central air conditioning equipment, water supply and other fields.