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Stacking machine
Stacking machine
Stacking machine

The reason for the mud drop after dewatering of the stacking screw machine : the scheduling effect is not good. Usually due to the lack of dosage, when it is converted into shale, the dewatering performance is reduced, and the test should be carried out to confirm the suitable dry sludge o-phenylenediamine. Distribution is sometimes due to incorrect concentration of the drug, the concentration is too high, the flocculant is not easy to dissolve completely, although it is enough to measure, but the modulation is not good, sometimes due to the unreasonable position of the dosing point, resulting in too long or too short flocculation. We should conduct inspections and adjustments in the above situations.

The belt speed is too high. The speed of the tape is too large, the mud cake is thin, and the solid content is decreased. The speed of the tape should be lowered in time, and the thickness of the mud cake should be generally 5-10 mm. The belt tension is too small. This does not ensure that the squeezing force and shearing force are satisfied in order to reduce the solid content, and the tension should be appropriately increased. The filter, which can not filter out the water, is to reduce the solid content, should stop the work and wash the filter belt.

When stacking screw devices, pay attention to the selection of the climate, and do not install the power cord in the sludge treatment equipment in a thunderstorm climate. In any case, the device that touches the component needs to block the power supply. Before that, all the work is completed and the power is recovered. When the sludge treatment equipment is powered off, there must be independent power switch equipment, and it must not be used together with other equipment. Otherwise, it will lead to voltage shortage and affect the equipment's abnormal operation and fire risk.