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Anaerobic tower
Anaerobic tower
Anaerobic tower

When the treated sewage concentration is high (CODCr value is greater than 5000mg/L), the running method of reflux must be adopted. The reflux ratio is confirmed according to the specific conditions. The effective reflux can not only reduce the influent concentration, but also increase the water inflow and ensure the water inflow. The water flow in the treatment facility is evenly distributed to avoid short-flow phenomena. The reflux can also avoid the fluctuation of the influent concentration and the pH value in the anaerobic reactor, so that the anaerobic reaction can be smoothly carried out, that is, the demand for alkalinity of the anaerobic reaction can be reduced, and the running cost can be reduced. The anaerobic reaction is the production process, and the effluent temperature is higher than the influent water. Therefore, when the temperature is low in winter, the temperature in the reactor is stable, and the anaerobic microorganisms are allowed to move at a suitable temperature as much as possible.

The temperature of general industrial wastewater is difficult to reach 35 ° C and requires heating (especially in winter). Therefore, in order to save the energy required for heating, on the one hand, we must pay attention to heat preservation (including the adoption of measures such as increasing the return flow), avoiding the loss of heat in the reactor as much as possible, and the other side should fully exert the characteristics of large sludge concentration in the reactor. To increase the sludge concentration in the reactor as much as possible and to reduce the influence of temperature on the anaerobic reaction.