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Anaerobic column reactor
Anaerobic column reactor
Anaerobic column reactor

FHZ-001 anaerobic tower

With the development of science and the deepening of scientific research, many new technologies, new materials and new concepts have been widely used in the environmental protection industry, which has enabled the development of China's environmental protection technology. The anaerobic reactor emits most of the wastewater in the food, biological, chemical and other industries due to high-concentration organic wastewater. It is difficult to reach the treatment intention by using conventional physicochemical and biochemical treatments. At the same time, there are problems in operation, large investment, and high operating cost.

The anaerobic reactor is an efficient biofilm treatment method. It uses a large surface area material such as sand as a carrier. The anaerobic microorganisms are attached to the surface of the sand or other carrier in the form of a film, and become active in the sewage, and the microorganisms and the organic matter in the sewage are subjected to touch adsorption to differentiate the organic matter, thereby reaching the intention of the treatment. The anaerobic reactor adopts sand as the carrier first in the anaerobic treatment at home and abroad. The equipment structure is two cylinders inside and outside. The special axial flow pump is used to make the sewage and the organic biofilm sand circulate in the outer cylinder to reach the flow. Intention.

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