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Yixing Fanghuizi Environmental Protection Equipment Factory is affiliated to Xinlongding Holding Group, located in Heqiao Pioneer Park, Yixing City, Jiangsu Province. It is a comprehensive wastewater treatment project integrating technology development, engineering design, equipment production, installation and commissioning, and after-sales return visit. High-tech private enterprises. Yixing Fanghuizi has a professional water treatment engineering skill unit, and cooperates with COFCO Wuxi Design Institute and foreign friends to develop new technologies, new skills, new products and engineering applications. The products have won the China Invention Patent and High-tech Product Certificate and the Municipal Science and Technology Progress Award. The company has also won the title of "Jiangsu Private Technology Enterprise" and "Jiangsu High-tech Enterprise".

High-concentration wastewater treatment equipment such as: anaerobic (anoxic, anaerobic) reactor, baffled anaerobic tower , decontamination separator and other equipment are technologically advanced in the same industry, and we also have various models. The filter press , plate and frame filter press, etc. have been operated in a number of projects, and the high-concentration organic wastewater is collected and generated by the complete equipment to generate electricity, which can completely meet all the power consumption of the wastewater treatment station, and has obtained User's affirmation.

All employees of the factory are warmly welcoming the domestic and foreign colleagues to come to the factory for investigation and guidance, collaboration, and win-win cooperation to jointly invent our beautiful homeland with the enterprise spirit of "Science and Technology Leading, Ideologically Avant-garde, United Mutual Love, Honesty and Benefit, and Open and Future".