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Aeration Equipment
Aeration Equipment
Aeration Equipment

In the sewage management process, the use of certain methods and equipment, to the sewage forced to participate in the air, so that the tank sewage and air touch oxygenation, and stir the liquid, speed up the air oxygen to the liquid, to avoid the sinking of the suspension body in the pool, strengthen the pool of organic matter and microorganisms and dissolved oxygen touch, the sewage in the wastewater oxidation This equipment, which is forced to increase oxygen in sewage, is called an aeration device.

(1) The oxygen in the air is transported to the activated sludge flocculant in the mixture to supply the needs of microbial respiration.

(2) Mixing, mixing, is the aeration tank in the mixed liquid in a violent mixing condition, is activated sludge in the organic pollutants three abundant touch. Together, it also plays the effect of avoiding the precipitation of activated sludge in the aeration tank.

There are several types of aeration head equipment according to different aeration methods

(1) Blast aeration equipment: is the use of a certain amount of air and pressure of the aeration fan using a connecting conveyor pipe, the air through the dispersion of the aeration force to participate in the liquid, so that the liquid and air in the pool touch.

(2) Surface aeration Equipment: is the use of Motor Direct drive axial flow impeller, the waste water from the catheter through the water guide to the surrounding spray and constitute a thin sheet (or droplet) of the water curtain, in the flight and air touch to form a droplet, in the fall hit the liquid surface, the liquid surface to produce turbulence and a large number

(3) Submersible jet aeration equipment: Aeration Planning special pump, intake catheter, nozzle seat, mixing chamber, dispersion pipe composition, water flow through the nozzle seat connected to the pump outlet high-speed injection into the mixing chamber, air from the intake catheter to the mixing chamber and water flow combined, through the dispersion tube discharge.

(4) Submerged aeration equipment: the use of motor direct transmission impeller rotation to form centrifugal force, so that the adjacent low pressure suction into the water flow, at the same time, the impeller inlet also made a vacuum to inhale air, in the mixing chamber, these air mixed with water by the centrifugal force effect quickly discharged.