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Spray tower
Spray tower
Spray tower

The dust spray tower is introduced into the purification tower through the air duct. After passing through the packing layer, the exhaust gas and sodium hydride absorbent are sufficiently touched with gases and liquids to absorb and neutralize the gas. After purification, the acid mist exhaust gas is dehydrated and removed by the soot plate, and then discharged to the atmosphere by the fan. After the bottom of the tower is pressurized with a water pump, the absorbent is sprayed on top of the tower and then recycled to the bottom of the tower. The purified acid mist waste gas meets the emission regulations of China.

2, characteristics

a. Dust removal and desulfurization efficiency is high. When using alkaline washing water, the desulfurization efficiency can reach 85%.

b. The equipment occupies less space and is easy to install.

c. Water consumption and electricity consumption index are low.

d. Corrosion resistance, no wear and long service life.

e. The equipment is reliable and easy to protect.

A spray tower packing layer is used as a mass transfer device for a gas-liquid two-phase touch element. The filler support plates are disposed at the bottom of the packed tower, and the fillers are arranged in a stacked manner on the support plates. The packing pressure plate is mounted above the packing to avoid blowing up the air. The spray tower ejects liquid from the top of the tower, reaches the packing through the liquid spreader, and moves down the surface of the packing. After the gas is dispersed from the bottom of the column, the liquid flows back through the empty space of the packing layer. In the appearance of the filler, the gas-liquid two phases are closely touched and mass transfer is carried out. Wall activity sometimes occurs when liquid moves along the packing layer. The wall surface effect causes uneven dispersion of gas-liquid two phases in the packing layer, resulting in a decrease in mass transfer efficiency. Therefore, the filler layer in the spray tower is divided into two parts, a redistribution device is disposed in the middle, and then distributed to the lower filler.

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