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What is the role of stacking machines in the environmental protection industry

In sewage treatment project, the effect of stacking screw machine is good, the investment is small, and the commonly used treatment technology is the activated sludge method. In the rear process of system equipment, there must be sludge dewatering machine, sludge dewatering machine function has a direct impact on the effect of sewage treatment, China is now used in this field of sludge dewatering machine are conventional traditional structural forms. They all have certain shortcomings and shortcomings, affecting the ultimate effect of sewage treatment, in order to improve the effect of sewage sludge treatment, research, development, production, application of new, efficient, no two pollution of the new generation of sludge dewatering machine is very necessary.

The sludge dewatering efficiency of stacking machine is high, the liquid content of filter cake is 75~85%, and the recovery rate of sludge is >90%. Stack screw machine does not have a filter, does not block, has the function of self-cleaning, do not have to clean water, save water, water consumption only 0.03m3/h, because there is no filter, do not block, suitable for oil sludge dewatering, especially suitable for food, daily, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and other industries sludge dewatering; Low speed operation: small size, low power consumption, Save electricity, power consumption only 0.1kwh/kg.ds; Fully automatic operation of the whole machine; can complete unattended, save labor; The screw machine can be directly from the aeration pool feed treatment, can not need sludge concentration pool and storage pool, save investment costs, the structure of the screw machine is simple, low-speed operation, no noise, no sensation, less wear, maintenance is simple, Low operating and maintenance costs; The stack screw series has ultra-small specifications, the main filter body is only ¢100 mm, suitable for each medium and small sewage treatment plant, especially suitable for small, ultra-compact factories, hotels, hospitals, schools and other units of sludge dehydration, to fill the gap in China's ultra-compact sludge dewatering machine. Because the screw can be processed directly from the aeration pool, the phosphorus content in the sewage can be reduced and the dephosphorization function should be improved. Because there is no need to clean water scour, and in a closed state of operation, no two sewage and odor pollution, not only reduce pollution sources but also reflect civilized production. Stack screw can deal with a wide range of sewage concentration, not only suitable for high concentration of sewage treatment, but also suitable for low concentration of sewage sludge dewatering (that is, concentration in 2000mg/l and so on sewage, can also have sludge dewatering machine selection).

Aiming at the shortcomings of traditional sludge concentration and dewatering process, with the progress of sludge treatment technology and the need of process development, the integrated technology of sludge concentration and dehydration came into being and was gradually applied. The use of stacked screw sludge dewatering machine is a major development direction of sludge dewatering equipment in the future.