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Analysis of Decolorization Effect of Powdered Activated Carbon

Decolorizing powdered activated carbon has good decolorization effect. Activated carbon is often applied to adsorbed molecules, and the adsorption property is applicable, and the adsorption property is related to the pore size distribution of various carbon types. The nature of the activated carbon adsorbent, the larger its outer surface product, the stronger the adsorption talent; the activated carbon is the wrong polarity molecule, easy to adsorb non-polar or low-polarity adsorbate; then the main factor affecting the decolorization effect of powdered activated carbon. Under normal circumstances, the higher the value of the powdered activated carbon methylene blue, the better the decolorization effect; in general, the decolorization effect of the powdered activated carbon under acidic conditions is good. Therefore, the PH value is also worthy of care.

The smaller the powdered activated carbon is, the better the decolorization effect. The conventional mesh number is about 200 mesh. However, assuming that the number of powdered activated carbon reaches 300 mesh, the decolorization speed at a unit time will advance a lot. However, since the activated carbon is too fine, it will constitute a very troublesome process for de-filtering in consumption. Decolorization of powdered activated carbon is mainly used for decolorization, refining and heat source of various injection chemicals, as well as decolorization and refining of vitamins and other materials and intermediates.

Powdered activated carbon has the characteristics of less impurities, high purity, fast filtration rate, etc., and has excellent functions such as decolorization, purification and purification. It is mainly used for the decolorization of various injection drugs. There are two physical and chemical methods for the consumption of powdered activated carbon. The physical method uses high-quality fruit shells and wood chips as materials. After steam activation, it is refined and destroyed, and its appearance is black fine powder. It is non-toxic and tasteless. It has a larger than external appearance and strong adsorption. The chemical method uses high-quality wood chips and shells as materials, zinc chloride and phosphoric acid as activators, which are carbonized and activated and refined. The waste products have good adsorption and low impurity content.