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Analysis of application features of aeration head

The variable microporous aeration head is designed as a slightly convex arched surface, and is mainly made of ABS engineering plastic. The diaphragm has a special imported rubber (EPDM) for anti-adhesive surface. It is specially processed and made by the German imported CNC hole to ensure the quality and precision of the hole. When the aeration head is in aeration and aeration, four air supply slots are designed on the main body surface, so that the incoming air is buffered and sent directly to the center of the aeration head to ensure that the diaphragm is easily opened at a low resistance. The diaphragm is mechanically mounted with a ribbed anti-lock to ensure that the diaphragm never falls.

When the air is inflated, the micropores on the air film bulge and expand to ensure the air passes. During intermittent aeration, the variable micropores on the gas film are closed, because the variable micropores of the gas film expand and contract by themselves, preventing the micropores of the aeration head from being blocked. Secondly, a check valve device is arranged on the chassis of the aeration head, and when the pipeline system intermittently supplies air, the mixed liquid is blocked from entering the gas distribution branch pipe, thereby preventing the branch pipe from entering the mixed liquid and being blocked. The air does not need special filtration, the intermittent aeration does not block, and the variable microporous aeration heads are widely used in the presence of the air film and the blown film tearing and the diaphragm or the diaphragm is blocked. Technological improvements, these technological innovations make them immune to repairs in the long run, and are a new generation of excellent products.

Aeration head characteristics

1. The diaphragm is imported raw material (EPDM)

2, low resistance diaphragm easily open

3. Large aeration service area

4. The aeration diaphragm has sufficient extension

5, mechanized installation peripheral sealing function is good

6, the overall strength to consolidate the long service life

Aeration pipe connection method and equipment debugging

The aeration equipment consists of a rubber membrane microporous aeration head, a gas pipeline, a regulator, a coupling, and a cutting device. The gas pipeline is arranged in a ring shape, and the rubber membrane microporous aeration head is connected by G3/4 thread connection according to the gas supply volume and the tank shape placement density, the connection of the aeration head and the gas distribution pipeline, and the base (fixed on the gas pipeline) the rubber membrane micropores. The aeration head is externally threaded. When the equipment is installed, the regulator is fixed to the bottom of the pool according to the required standard expansion, and the air distribution pipe is fixed on the regulator. In order to prevent other operations such as electric welding sparks and civil construction, heavy objects such as concrete damage the aeration equipment, and must be placed on the aeration head before the water is discharged after the civil works. In order to prevent air leakage in the pipeline and the connecting part, the water should be drained beyond the aeration head to a depth of about 10 cm, and the leakage of the connecting part of the ventilation pipe should be promptly removed and then officially put into operation.