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Performance characteristics of powdered activated carbon and its scope of use

Powdered activated carbon , shell activated carbon, fiber ball filter, sales, after-sales equipment and the integration of the company, focusing on water disposal data, environmental protection industry. The products are widely used in water treatment systems for electric power, chemical, metallurgy, gas, textile, printing and dyeing, petroleum and urban water plants and sewage treatment plants. The company has many years of professional experience in the equipment after-sales personnel, home for the user equipment (or guidance equipment) various filter packing, water plant and sewage treatment plant filter material, bio-filler, free water purification agent selection, home commissioning. Activated carbon operating unit, technical expertise, customer effectiveness, our activated carbon quality, affordable, guaranteed after-sales, free custom solutions.

The activated carbon filter material is made of high-quality wood chips and the like, and is consumed by the zinc chloride method. It has a prosperous mesoporous structure, large adsorption capacity, and fast filtration. The wood powder activated carbon filter material consumed by the phosphoric acid method has a prosperous mesoporous structure and a prosperous specific surface area, and has large adsorption capacity, high filtration speed, and no zinc salt. It is widely used in the food industry for the decolorization and refining of sugars, glutamic acid and salt, lactic acid and salt, citric acid and salt, wine, condiments, animal and plant proteins, biochemical products, pharmaceutical intermediates, vitamins, antibiotics, etc. Deodorize and remove impurities.

Scope of application:

Activated carbon filter material is mainly suitable for decolorization, purification and deodorization of high-quality pigment solutions such as refined sugar decolorization, MSG industry, glucose industry, starch sugar industry, chemical additives, dye intermediates, food additives and pharmaceutical preparations. And remove impurities.

According to the production method:

1. Chemical activated carbon filter (chemical carbon)

2. Physical method activated carbon filter (physical carbon)

3. Chemical-physical or physical-chemical activated carbon filter