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Dosing device
Dosing device
Dosing device

An active dosing product developed and produced by the chemical tank device is mainly used for boiler feed water, circulating water, hydrazine, phosphate, etc. in power plants, and can also be used in petroleum, chemical, environmental protection, water supply systems and other industries. The unit combined dosing device mainly comprises a solution box, a metering pump, a filter, a safety valve, a check valve, a pressure gauge, a buffer tank, a liquid level gauge and a control cabinet, and is integrally mounted on a base. The user only needs to put the combined dosing device in the dosing room, connect the water inlet and the medicine outlet and turn on the power to start the operation. This factory-completed equipment can greatly reduce the design and on-site construction. The workload provides a reliable guarantee for the quality, safety and on-site operation of the whole system.

The dosing device injects a complete set of chemical liquid medicine into various systems according to the process flow, and the device can be classified into three categories according to the use occasion.

1. Oilfield dosing device. It is mainly used to inject various kinds of liquids such as flocculant, scale inhibitor, corrosion inhibitor and demulsifier into the wellhead and other systems on the platform during oil excavation.

2. Boiler dosing device. It can be used in boiler feed water plus ammonia and hydrazine, condensate plus ammonia and hydrazine, shutdown maintenance plus ammonia and hydrazine, and adding phosphate to steam boilers, mainly for power plants and power stations.

3. Water treatment dosing device. Adding drugs to tap water, wastewater, and sewage during the water treatment process. Mainly used in the process of water supply and drainage, environmental protection and other processes. Such as water plants, hotels, restaurants, swimming pools, sewage treatment plants, etc.

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