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Powdered activated carbon
Powdered activated carbon
Powdered activated carbon

Powdered activated carbon is produced from high-quality wood chips and husks by zinc chloride method. It has a developed mesoporous structure, large adsorption capacity and fast filtration.

Powdered activated carbon is well used in the treatment of water, smell and industrial pollutants. When using powdered charcoal, adsorption experiments must be carried out to determine the type of activated carbon and the amount of charcoal required, depending on the species and concentration of contaminants to be removed. Before adding powdered charcoal, it should be noted that the carbon powder is firstly added into the water in a quantitatively uniform manner. The longer the touch time, the better the decontamination effect. In the process of using powdered carbon, the following safety problems should also be paid attention to; when the dust concentration reaches a certain share, it is easy to occur when the fire is exposed, so the smoking, spark and open flame should be stopped in the operation; the mixing with the oxidant should be prevented; because the powder carbon particles are small and light Attention should be paid to dust pollution during use. Operators must equip dust masks to prevent inhalation into the lungs.

The produced injection carbon has less impurities, high purity, fast filtration speed, excellent decolorization, purification and purification functions, and is mainly used for decolorization, refining and removing "heat source" of various injection medicaments. It can also be decolorized with vitamin C and other raw materials, with strong decolorizing power and fast filtration speed. It is suitable for decolorization and refining of medicines, pesticides and Chinese and Western medicines. It also has the effect of absorbing intestinal bacteria and detoxification.

The caramel decolorization rate of the powdered activated carbon is the adsorption function of the reactive powdered activated carbon on the colored substance, and the powdered activated carbon with good function can reach the adsorption value of 100-110.

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