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Eco-friendly water treatment honeycomb
Eco-friendly water treatment honeycomb
Eco-friendly water treatment honeycomb

Environmental protection Water Treatment honeycomb filler is mainly used in various sedimentation and sand removal effects. In the past ten years in the water supply and drainage engineering selection of Zui extensive and become a treatment equipment. It has a wide range of application, high processing effect, small footprint and other advantages. Suitable for sand removal in the inlet, general industrial and domestic water supply deposition, sewage deposition, oil isolation and tail concentration and other treatment, that is, suitable for new projects, but also applicable to the transformation of the existing old pool, can achieve outstanding economic benefits.

1. Large wet circumference, small hydraulic radius.

2. Laminar flow condition is good, particle settlement is not disturbed by flocculation.

3. When the oblique tube length is 1 meters, the useful load is planned at 3-5 tons/M 2 ·. The V0 is controlled in a range of 2.5-3.0 mm/s, and the effluent water quality is zui good.

4. In the water intake port selection of environmentally friendly water treatment honeycomb, tube length 2.0~3.0 meters, can be 50-100 kg/m 3 mud sand content of high turbidity in the safe operation treatment.

5. The treatment capacity of the oblique tube sedimentary pool is 3-5 times that of the flat-flow sedimentary pool, which accelerates the clarification pool and the pulse clarification pool 2-3 times.