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Spherical activated carbon (Spherical Active Carbon,SAC) has a spherical shell consisting of at least one layer of activated carbon material, a spherical core body, which can be made of inorganic materials different from spherical shell materials, and a spherical housing with a diameter of up to 10mm, Spherical shell wall thickness is not less than 0.5mm,zui good for 1-1.5mm. Division I also produces small nitrogen blowing machine, welcome to call for detailed consultation.

Spherical activated carbon, because the kernel body can be made of inorganic materials different from the spherical shell material, spherical activated carbon specific surface area can be up to 500-1000m²/g, conducive to spherical activated carbon composition of the material properties of the full play. In other things, because the hydrodynamic performance of the fluid flow channel composed between spherical activated carbon is good, the fluid drops through the activated carbon layer pressure, so it is especially suitable for the fixed bed gas treatment equipment with high height of activated carbon stacking layer in bed.

Spherical activated carbon is an activated carbon with high spherical degree prepared from petroleum asphalt as raw material. In addition to the adsorption properties of activated carbon, there are a variety of other characteristics:

1. Small particles, high filling

2. High Liquidity

3. High purity, low ash powder

4. High strength, wear resistance

5. Narrow particle dispersion

Spherical activated carbon adopts asphalt as raw material production method, product performance is stable. In addition, SACzui is characterized by the use of high-quality asphalt, its spheroidization process does not use binders, and in the flow of the State to maintain uniform non-melting and activation of the system.