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What are the production methods of powdered activated carbon?

Appearance: It is black powder, odorless, tasteless, and does not dissolve in general solvents.

Performance: high quality wood chips and shells are used as raw materials, zinc chloride and phosphoric acid are activators. After carbonization and activation, the products have excellent adsorption and low impurity content. Uses: It is suitable for the purification of decolorized phase of sugars such as glucose sucrose and maltose, as well as the removal, purification and purification of macromolecular pigments in citric acid, cystine, oil and chemical products.

Many households now use water dispensers with powdered activated carbon filtration or bottled mineral water. However, in addition to these direct drinking waters, are you using tap water when cooking, brushing, washing vegetables and washing dishes? To ensure the safety of drinking water, the problem of direct drinking from the family should also be noted.

Professor Li Fuxing, director of the China Association for the Promotion of Healthy Drinking Water Professional Committee and president of the International Water Civilization Research Association, said that the tap water flowing out of the faucet, although protected by the disinfection of the water plant, is often prone to breeding twice during the transmission process. Contamination, there is no powdered activated carbon in the water pipe for secondary filtration.

The so-called secondary pollution refers to the pollution that occurs during the transportation of water pipes after the tap water is treated by the water plant, mainly the impurities such as rust which appear in the aging of some water pipes and the by-products after disinfection of the chlorine preparations in the waterworks. The problem of secondary pollution of tap water is common throughout the world. In order to prevent and reduce secondary pollution, households in developed countries such as the United States and Japan use a faucet powder activated carbon filter, a movable and simple filter device. In China, the use of faucet powdered activated carbon filters has been ignored by many families. The faucet filter has limited adsorption. After a period of use, the adsorbent will be saturated, not only will not be able to remove impurities, but will release new pollutants.