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Powdered activated carbon has advantages in wastewater treatment

The process of using powdered activated carbon (PAC) in the wastewater treatment industry is called “powdered activated carbon treatment technology. The addition of PAC to the secondary treated wastewater fluid has the following advantages:

(1) The removal rate of BOD, COD and TOC that can be advanced;

(2) Accelerating the sedimentation of solids in the wastewater and the dry solid content of the advanced sludge;

(3) Compound components that can adsorb toxic effects on biotechnology systems;

(4) has a "defoaming" effect;

(5) improving the dewatering function of the sludge;

(6) The processing capacity of the advanced wastewater treatment plant;

(7) When the organic matter load in the influent water is severely unstable, the addition of PAC can usefully “buffer” the organic matter load, making the work of the wastewater treatment plant more stable.

At any operating point before the aeration tank, it can be used as a dosing point for the PAC, and only the fluid can transport the charcoal to the aeration tank. Generally, the PAC is directly injected into the aeration tank, and may be added to the sludge return line; when the dosage is added, the PAC may be metered first, and then added or injected in a dry or slurry liquid shape. The intention is to promote the rapid settling function of the solid particles and enhance the dewatering function of the sludge. The PAC products used in wastewater treatment are all made of lignite. They are a kind of mesoporous activated carbon. Compared with other pre-linguistic materials, such lignite-based activated carbon products can significantly enhance the growth rate of organisms. A powdered activated carbon first grade product, which is particularly suitable for removing toxic components from industrial wastewater that would interfere with or kill microorganisms used in wastewater treatment.

The wastewater often contains a considerable amount of macromolecular organic compounds. Usually, the wastewater treatment system cannot provide a satisfactory contact time for the macromolecular organic matter to be decomposed by the microorganisms. However, when the PAC is added, the organic matter will first Captured by activated carbon, then the microorganisms can "digest" these contaminant components "constrainedly" and for a long time, and then advance the overall pollutant removal efficiency of the entire treatment system.