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What other problems exist in the use of powdery activated carbon

(1) The problem of dust flying pollution. Because powdery activated carbon in many links such as loading and unloading, unpacking, preparation, adding labor intensity, simple cause dust flying, resulting in poor working environment, has become a key and substantive problem restricting the use of powdery activated carbon technology.

(2) Investment, cost control.Powdery activated carbonAs an effective method of strengthening or deep treatment of wastewater, it is necessary to ensure that the water quality of wastewater to be treated is better and to prolong its cycle life as far as possible in order to reduce the amount of activated carbon and save operating costs.

(3) for bioactive carbon ponds, because the total amount of microorganisms growing in the carbon bed space is limited, it is only when the total amount of organic matter retained by the carbon bed from the waste water in the unit time is smaller than the Zui large differentiation and regeneration ability of the carbon bed microorganisms, can we maintain the dynamic balance and ensure the long-term stable operation. General design should control the water inlet CODcr under 200MG/L, together to consider the installation of cross-pipe, to avoid accidental emissions of the carbon bed caused by the damage is not easy to recover.

(4) Strengthen the operation and management of bio-carbon pools and formulate relevant operating procedures. Strengthen anti-scour and control the strength to prevent the loss of activated carbon, the operation of ensuring continuous aeration, no water or less water can be appropriate to reduce the gas supply.

Powder activated carbon has a good use in the treatment of sudden olfactory flavor and industrial pollutants in water. When using powder activated carbon, it is necessary to carry out adsorption experiments according to the type and concentration of contaminants to be removed in order to determine the type of activated carbon and the amount of powder carbon required. Before adding powder activated carbon, we should pay attention to the carbon powder made into the carbon slurry quantitatively evenly added to the water, the longer the contact time, the better the effect of decontamination. In the use of powder activated carbon should also pay attention to the following safety problems, when the dust concentration reached a certain share of open fire prone to explosion, so the operation to stop smoking, sparks and open fire; should avoid mixing with oxidants; because powdery activated carbon particles small, light, in use should pay attention to dust pollution, operators must be equipped with dust masks, Avoid inhaling the lungs.