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The performance characteristics of the stacking machine, which do you know?

The stacking screw machine can be widely used in municipal sewage treatment projects as well as water treatment systems in the petrochemical, light industry, chemical fiber, paper, pharmaceutical, leather and other industrial industries. The practical operation proves that the stacking screw machine can invent considerable economic and social benefits for customers. Today Xiaobian came to introduce us to the product of stacking screw machine. I hope to have some help for you! With the progress of society, people's living standards have gradually improved, so the requirements for things are getting higher and higher. Under the situation of people's appeal and skill advancement, a stacking machine has appeared. The stacking screw machine is a set of automatic control cabinets and flocculation adjustment. The sump, the sludge concentration dehydration body and the sump are integrated into one body, which can realize automatic flocculation under the condition of fully automatic operation, and continuously complete the sludge concentration and press dewatering work, and the urea will finally return or discharge the collected filtrate. Let's take a look at the composition of the snail sludge dewatering machine.

The stacking screw is composed of a fixing ring, a swimming ring, a screw shaft, a screw, a gasket and a plurality of connecting plates, and the fixing ring is connected by six screws, and a gasket and a swimming ring are arranged between the fixing rings. Both the retaining ring and the swimming ring are made of wear-resistant materials, so that the life of the whole machine is long, the screw shaft is worn between the fixed ring and the swimming ring, and the swimming ring is sleeved on the screw shaft.

The screw shaft consists of a shaft and a spiral blade, which in turn is welded by a shaft and a hollow shaft. The welding is performed by first welding the shaft and the hollow shaft, and then roughing after welding to ensure the coaxiality of the shafts at both ends, and then welding the spiral blades and the shaft by a full welding method.

The driving equipment is the power source of the equipment. The performance of the driving equipment will directly affect the performance of the whole machine. For this reason, our company selects the motor with superior performance, the motor protection grade is IP54, and the insulation grade is F grade. The motor complies with IEC specifications and the power supply is 380V AC/3PH/50 Hz.

The filtrate tank is welded by the plate member, and is used for collecting the filtrate filtered by the main body of the stacking screw. The filtrate tank is connected with the frame through the screw, and a flange is arranged on the side of the filtrate tank for external equipment. Join.

The mixing system is mainly used to thoroughly mix the sludge with the medicament to form the silk flower and carry it into the body of the stacking screw for press dewatering.