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How to properly maintain the stacking machine

What are the processes for daily maintenance of the stacking screw sewage treatment system? The downhole pump room and the external cleaning unit. Check the water tank, pump impeller and remove garbage regularly. Pay attention to the bearing oil level. Oil and temperature, bearing lubricants need to be replaced regularly. The mud at the bottom of the river uses dredger suction knives and pump sewage sludge to remove large stones, from the large grid debris such as drum grille bricks, dead branches, shoes and plastic bags, and then remove the striped soft objects through the wire mesh machine. Then, the homogenization tank for removing sand and sludge waste water is accelerated by bed to accelerate enrichment, and the enrichment is 10%~15%. After scraping the mud at the bottom of the mud, the high-dry river sludge dewatering equipment is dehydrated, and the mud is solidified after dewatering. The content is 65% moisture content (35%). The amount of mud cake is 8 tons per hour, and the water quality can reach China's emission standards after dehydration. The structure of the pump should be used in conjunction with the feeding equipment, without the need to add broken bridge equipment. However, for rotor and shaft sealed pumps, wear resistance requirements should be considered.

Stacking screw pipe material material plastic pipe and sufficient compressive strength, and can reduce frictional resistance. Used between each pipe flange connection, the 1000 is blocked with a detachable wash. It is necessary to have the correct diameter. Generally, the pipe diameter is selected according to the large flow rate of Zui 0.08~0.12 m/s. The pipe diameter is too small, the speed is too large, the resistance speed is increased, the pipe diameter is too large, and the lining of the round zone is increased, resulting in an increase in resistance of the pipe wall. Just pick the right diameter and have a small frictional resistance. Need to add height or rotation, try to use 135 ° elbow instead of 135 ° elbow, in order to reduce resistance. Inevitably presenting a 90° elbow with a radius of curvature R 3-5 d (pipe diameter) or (4) for a long distance, Zui also needs a transport delivery condition that can be placed outside the mud machine room to set up a bunker, in storage center. The capacity should be greater than the capacity of the transport tool and the space at the bottom should be able to pass the means of transport.