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How to deal with the failure of the stacker

What kind of snail sludge dewatering repair should be done if the stacker fails? First of all, as a pure 304 stainless steel mechanical equipment, the stacking machine rarely has equipment damage repair during normal operation. The failure rate and repair rate are very low. There will be no deviation of the belt when there is something like the belt machine. Regularly, the personnel need to correct the belt, and the filter cloth will not be replaced regularly like the frame filter press. This is due to the dehydration principle of the stacker and the mechanical equipment of the 304 stainless steel. If there is a repair of the stacker, the following two conditions are called.

If a device does not work, if this happens, first check whether the line is normal or not, and the line is aging and short-circuited when repairing the stacker. Next, check if the reducer is hot or abnormal.

The second equipment starts normal work, but the mud out function is not good. This situation is generally more likely to occur when the equipment is used for three years. No matter the quality is good, the stacking screw machine is a service cycle for three years, if the sludge flocculates. Under good conditions, the dehydration is not good, so it is very likely that the equipment wears severely. Because the screw shaft and the swimming ring of the equipment will continuously collide when the stacking machine is running, and then the screw shaft wear of the equipment will be produced. The spiral shaft of the stacking screw machine is coated with a wear layer of 3 mm thick, and the general manufacturer is one millimeter or two millimeters. If the muddy effect is not good when using the third year, the wear layer is generally dropped. What kind of stacking machine repair should be performed when this happens? Since the wear-resistant coating can only be applied by the manufacturer of the equipment, please contact the equipment manufacturer and send the equipment spindle back to the source manufacturer for the wear layer coating.