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The wide range of fillers is a very important part of the wastewater treatment process, providing a membrane route for the entire wastewater treatment process. In order to meet the needs of sewage treatment, the filling process has been improving. From the beginning of the first generation to the present, it can be divided into four generations. The process is represented by honeycomb filler for hard filler, the second generation of soft filler is represented by fibrous filler, and the third generation of semi-soft filler is based on hard and soft. The foundation of the filler is represented by the “snowflake” filler, and the fourth generation is the three-dimensional elastic filler to be introduced.

Elastic fillers can be divided into three categories in use.

1. YDT three-dimensional elastic filler is made by using a center rope to tear the filler into it, which constitutes a certain radiation pattern. The materials are generally selected from several types of polyolefins and polyamides, which are resistant to corrosion, temperature and aging, and mixed with additives (hydrophilic, adsorption, anti-heat and other additives). With ripples and micro burrs.

2, PWT elastic three-dimensional filler, also known as three-dimensional mesh filler, its composition is based on the filler sheet to form a network structure, which consists of transverse ribs, horizontal wire mesh shape, connected by vertical wire body structure, the parameters of the entire structure can be adjusted .

3, TA elastic three-dimensional filler is to replace the filler wire with filler sheets, and use the center and the casing to join, the same composition of radiation, its composition and production characteristics of the number of gas fillers can be in the production process according to specific needs The adjustment is made, and the filler sheet has elasticity and a waveform.

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