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Plate and frame filter press
Plate and frame filter press
Plate and frame filter press

1. Check the pump and motor regularly to replace the consumable parts. Even with sophisticated instruments, there are parts that are damaged during use, and they need to be replaced in time for normal use. Because the plate and frame filter press is a relatively fine instrument, it is simple to change due to long-term friction, so it is necessary to update the parts in time, but keep in mind that it is cheap, because once a part is damaged, the friction generated may affect all The parts thus cause damage to the instrument.

2, plate frame filter press feed pump needs regular inspection and cleaning, plate frame filter press feed pump in the daily cleaning, because it is different in the raw materials and the use of the medium, so take into account the use of cleaning agents Acid-alkaline, neutralized with an acid-alkaline cleaner to protect the appearance of the sanitary pump.

3. The protection of the hydraulic system is mainly to check the maintenance status of the hydraulic components and the sealing of each interface to maintain its normal operation.

All in all, the correct maintenance method can not only improve the working efficiency of the plate filter press feed pump, but also extend its service life. If you still have unclear protection in the filter press pump protection, you are welcome to inquire.

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