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Belt filter press
Belt filter press
Belt filter press

Nowadays, there are many kinds of hydraulic oils for belt filter presses on the market. People often choose from the pressure of the hydraulic system when they choose. This is correct, but not all hydraulic oils with high pressure values are required. The more you have to look at the working principle and internal structure of the filter press itself. The filter press is a long-term, high-frequency operation, so the hydraulic system requires a higher pressure on the filter press. Under such pressure, the hydraulic oil must be of high resistance type. In addition, we must consider the temperature factor when selecting hydraulic oil. For example, when the temperature is low, we should choose to use low-temperature hydraulic oil. If you want to know more filter presses, such as multi-tube oil filter press, please pay attention to our official website.

1. The belt filter press (including accessories) is used, protected and maintained by a dedicated person.

2. Before each shift of the filter press, the operator carefully checks the smoothness of each smooth point and the fastening conditions of each part to ensure that the whole machine is smooth, clean and regular.

3. All parts with speed control equipment, the speed is zero or low speed when starting, and adjusted to zero or low speed when shutting down; mechanical speed control equipment is forbidden to adjust during shutdown.

4. Carefully protect the motor and electrical equipment, and do not allow sludge and water to enter the motor and control box.

5. It is strictly forbidden to place anything on the filter belt or in the machine to avoid causing trouble.