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Anaerobic reactor
Anaerobic reactor
Anaerobic reactor

JASB anaerobic tower , ie upflow sludge bed or upflow anaerobic composite reactor. Since the Dutch Latino professor invented the three-phase separator in the 1970s, it has expanded its processing range and processing capacity, and has been increasingly valued by the wastewater treatment industry, especially in the field of high-concentration wastewater treatment. .

The application of the three-phase separator in the anaerobic reactor has a two-layered process of anaerobic filtration and anaerobic activated sludge. It is suitable for different concentrations of wastewater treatment projects. The rationale and process characteristics and the design start of the UASB are outlined.

The wastewater is pumped into the pulse water distributor and pulsed into the bottom of the JASB reactor. The water is evenly distributed through the porous cloth pipe. The wastewater flows from bottom to top, passes through the granular sludge layer, and passes through the packing area. The metabolic characteristics of anaerobic microorganisms (anaerobic bacteria) contact, adsorb, and differentiate organic matter in wastewater, making it into methane (CH4), carbon dioxide (CO2), and water (H2O).

Some microorganisms and some microorganisms form a sludge suspension layer; thus, a three-phase separator is arranged in the upper part of the reactor, and the separated methane (CH4) is taken out from the upper part for collection or efflux, and the separated sludge is automatically It slides down to the suspended sludge layer and the granular sludge layer. After all, the separated water flows out from the Chengyu area, and the gas, solid and liquid three-phase separation is completed. The whole process is carried out under the condition that no external energy is needed, and the effluent is further processed according to actual requirements.

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